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MDATA: A New Knowledge Representation Model

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-71590-8

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This book introduces a new knowledge representation model called MDATA (Multi-dimensional Data Association and inTelligent Analysis). By modifying the representation of entities and relations in knowledge graphs, dynamic knowledge can be efficiently described with temporal and spatial characteristics. The MDATA model can be regarded as a high-level temporal and spatial knowledge graph model, which has strong capabilities for knowledge representation. This book introduces some key technologies in the MDATA model, such as entity recognition, relation extraction, entity alignment, and knowledge reasoning with spatiotemporal factors. The MDATA model can be applied in many critical applications and this book introduces some typical examples, such as network attack detection, social network analysis, and epidemic assessment.

Subject: Computer Science, artificial intelligence, cognitive model, data mining, databases, entity alignment, entity recognition, information extraction, information retrieval, knowledge fuse, knowledge graph, knowledge management, knowledge representation, knowledge-based system, machine learning, MDATA, relation extraction, semantics, signal processing