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Guide to Software Systems Development

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-39730-2

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This book argues that the key problems of software systems development (SSD) are socio-technical rather than purely technical in nature. Software systems are unique. They are the only human artefacts that are both intangible and determinant. This presents unprecedented problems for the development process both in determining what is required and how it is developed. Primarily this is a problem of communications between stakeholders and developers, and of communications within the development team. Current solutions are not only inadequate in expressing the technical problem, they also evade the communications problems almost entirely.

Subject: Computer Science, Software Systems Development, Software Systems Development Processes, IT Project Management, IT Project Teams, Group Processes, Software Quality, Systems Integration, IT Strategy, IT Decision Making, Managing Project Teams, Requirements Elicitation, Requirements Engineering, Team Development, Developing Team and Personal Potential