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Advances in Production Management Systems. Towards Smart and Digital Manufacturing

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-57997-5

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Part II: the Operator 4.0: new physical and cognitive evolutionary paths; digital transformation approaches in production management; digital transformation for more sustainable supply chains; data-driven applications in smart manufacturing and logistics systems; data-driven services: characteristics, trends and applications; the future of lean thinking and practice; digital lean manufacturing and its emerging practices; new reconfigurable, flexible or agile production systems in the era of industry 4.0; operations management in engineer-to-order manufacturing; production management in food supply chains; gastronomic service system design; product and asset life cycle management in the circular economy; and production ramp-up strategies for product

Subject: Computer Science, artificial intelligence, computer networks, data communication systems, electronic commerce, industry 4.0, information technology, internet, network protocols, sensors, signal processing, smart manufacturing, software architecture, software design, software engineering, telecommunication networks, telecommunication systems, user interfaces