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6G Mobile Wireless Networks

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-72777-2

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Specifically, this book covers the following topics: 6G Use Cases, Requirements, Metrics and Enabling Technologies, PHY Technologies for 6G Wireless, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface for 6G Wireless Networks, Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Spectrum for 6G Wireless, Challenges in Transport Layer for Tbit/s Communications, High-capacity Backhaul Connectivity for 6G Wireless, Cloud Native Approach for 6G Wireless Networks, Machine Type Communications in 6G, Edge Intelligence and Pervasive AI in 6G, Blockchain: Foundations and Role in 6G, Role of Open-source Platforms in 6G, and Quantum Computing and 6G Wireless.

Subject: computer science, 6G, 6G Use Cases, 6G Requirements, 6G Metrics, 6G Enabling Technologies, 6G PHY Technologies, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface, Millimeter-Wave, THz Communications, 6G Transport Layer, Tbit, s Communications, 6G High-capacity Backhaul, Cloud Native, Machine Type Communications, Edge Intelligence, Pervasive AI, Machine Learning, AI in Wireless, Blockchain, 6G Open-source Platforms