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Why Knowing What To Do Is Not Enough

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-94-024-1725-8

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This book sets out to explain the reasons for the gap between “knowing” and “doing” in view of self-reliance, which is more and more often expected of citizens. In today’s society, people are expected to take responsibility for their own lives and be self-reliant. This is no easy feat. They must be on constant high alert in areas of life such as health, work and personal finances and, if things threaten to go awry, take appropriate action without further ado.This book sets out to explain the reasons for the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’. It focuses on the role of non-cognitive capacities, such as setting goals, taking action, persevering and coping with setbacks, and shows how these capacities are undermined by adverse circumstances. By taking the latest psychological insights fully into account, this book presents a more realist perspective on self-reliance, and shows government officials how to design rules and institutions that allow for the natural limitations in people’s ‘capacity to act’.

Subject: Political Science and International Studies, Public Policy, Behavioral Sciences, Personality and Social Psychology, Social Work, Non-cognitive Capacities, Self-reliance, Self-control in Society, Life Circumstances and Self-control, Choice Architecture, Psychology and Society, Knowing and Doing, Mental Capacity for Self-reliance, Self-reliance in Everyday Life, Employment and Society