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Wellbeing and Devolution

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-02230-3

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In this book, Wallace offers a practical and balanced analysis of the evolution of wellbeing as a policy narrative and framework in the devolved nations of the UK. This timely contribution is relevant to anyone interested in the emergent idea of ‘wellbeing’ beyond our borders too.This book explores, for the first time, why each set their goal as improving wellbeing and how they balance the core elements of societal wellbeing (economic, social and environmental outcomes). Do the frameworks represent a genuine attempt to think differently about how devolved government can plan and organise public services? And if so, what early indications are there of the impact is this having on people’s lives?

Subject: wellbeing, life satisfaction, social progress, GDP, devolution, key facts, social indicators, policy impact, Scottish Government, National Performance Framework, public sector reform, localism, participation, sustainable development, future generations, Welsh Government, Northern Ireland Assembly, post-conflict, Good Friday Agreement