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Values and Valuing in Mathematics Education

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-16892-6

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This engaging book discusses how a values and valuing perspective can facilitate a more effective mathematics pedagogical experience, and allows readers to explore multiple applications of the values perspective across different education systems. It also clearly shows that teaching mathematics involves not only reasoning and feelings.Addressing themes such as discovering hidden cultural values, a multicultural society and methodological issues in the investigation of values in mathematics, it stimulates readers to consider these topics in cross-cultural ways, and offers suggestions for research and classroom practice.

Subject: Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Study and Learning Skills, Learning & Instruction, values in mathematics education, valuing in mathematics education, pasifika students, mathematics education for students with autism, special education teachers, korean mathematics education, values perspectives, Japanese lesson study, hidden cultural values, Japanese mathematics education, learning mathematics