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Understanding Willing Participants, Volume 2

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-97999-1

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This volume one of this two-volume set introduces readers to a behind the scenes account showing how during Milgram’s unpublished pilot studies he step-by-step invented his official experimental procedure—how he gradually learnt to transform most ordinary people into willing inflictors of harm. The open access volume two then illustrates how certain innovators within the Nazi regime used the very same Milgram-like learning techniques that with increasing effectiveness gradually enabled them to also transform most ordinary people into increasingly capable executioners of other men, women, and children.

Subject: Behavioral Science and Psychology / Personality and Social Psychology / History of Psychology / History of World War II and the Holocaust / Psychological Methods, Evaluation / Stanley Milgram / Social Psychology Experiments / The Milgram Experiment / Social Groups / Social Dynamics / Human Behavior / Obedience / Compliance / Conformity / Conformism / Research Ethics / Influence / Nazism / Authoritarianism