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Two Algebraic Byways from Differential Equations: Gröbner Bases and Quivers

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-26454-3

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This edited volume presents a fascinating collection of lecture notes focusing on differential equations from two viewpoints: formal calculus (through the theory of Gröbner bases) and geometry (via quiver theory). Gröbner bases serve as effective models for computation in algebras of various types.Divided into two parts, the book first discusses the theory of Gröbner bases in their commutative and noncommutative contexts, with a focus on algorithmic aspects and applications of Gröbner bases to analysis on systems of partial differential equations, effective analysis on rings of differential operators, and homological algebra. It then introduces representations of quivers, quiver varieties and their applications to the moduli spaces of meromorphic connections on the complex projective line.

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics / Field Theory and Polynomials / Algebraic Geometry / Associative Rings and Algebras / Category Theory, Homological Algebra / Ordinary Differential Equations / Partial Differential Equations / commutative and noncommutative Gröbner bases / D-modules / B-functions / quiver varieties / moduli spaces / meromorphic connections