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Trade Unions on YouTube

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-24914-4

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Trade Unions on YouTube provides a much-needed assessment of how old social movement actors employ new social media platforms to promote themselves and their activities today. A must-read for trade unions scholars and activists alike, this book illustrates how, in the age of digital media, there is more than one pattern towards trade union revitalization and each of them implies different communicative challenges.This book investigates how trade unions representing different social classes use YouTube videos for renewal purposes. Information and communication technology has undoubtedly offered new opportunities for social movements, but while research suggests that these new means of communication can be used for trade union revitalization, few studies have examined what unions actually do on social media.

Subject: Social Sciences, social media and politics, social media, Scandinavian welfare state, Swedish work policy, sociology of work in Sweden, Media Sociology, Labor History