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Thyroid Cancer : A Case-Based Approach

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-61919-0

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Now in its utilizing brand new clinical case material, this popular, user-friendly text presents the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer and related clinical issues, providing clinicians in endocrinology and oncology with the best real-world strategies to properly manage the various manifestations of thyroid cancer that they may encounter. Each chapter is a case report that opens with a unique clinical presentation, followed by a description of the diagnosis, assessment and therapy, as well as the case outcome, literature review, clinical pearls and pitfalls, and bibliography. All recommendations are based on evidence-based clinical practice guidelines and recent literature. these cases illustrate treatment for both low- and high-risk differentiated thyroid cancer, including surgical approaches, radioiodine therapy, and novel chemotherapies and targeted therapies, as well as postoperative follow-up and special issues.

Subject: Medicine, Endocrinology, Oncology, Active surveillance, Anaplastic thyroid cancer, C cell hyperplasia, Differentiated thyroid cancer, Follicular thyroid cancer, Hũrthle cell carcinoma, Medullary thyroid cancer, Neoplastic follicular thyroid neoplasm papillary-like features, Nodal metastases, Nodular thyroid disease, Papillary thyroid cancer, Radioactive iodine therapy, Thyroid cancer, Thyroid nodules, Thyroidectomy, Tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment