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The Responsible University : Exploring the Nordic Context and Beyond

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-25646-3

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Explores how the notion of the responsible university manifests itself at various levels within Nordic higher education. As the impetus of the knowledge society has catapulted the higher education sector to the forefront of policy agendas, universities and other types of higher education institutions face increasing scrutiny, assessment and accountability. This book examines this phenomenon using the Nordic countries as cases in point, given the strong public commitment towards widening participation and public research investments. It also presents investigate new innovations in the educational landscape and look into how universities have begun to organise themselves to become more responsible.

Subject: Education / Nordic Higher Education / Higher Education Responsibility / Universities and mental health / Engagement with the global south / Responsible universities / Industry and higher education / Philosophy of Education / Educational Philosophy / Educational Policy and Politics / Administration, Organization and Leadership