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The Governing-Evaluation-Knowledge Nexus

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-21143-1

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This book analyses the interplay between governing, evaluation and knowledge with an empirical focus on Swedish higher education. It investigates the origins, logics, and mechanisms of evaluation and quality assurance reforms and their dynamic interactions with institutional, national and European policy contexts. The chapters report findings from extensive empirical studies that offer detailed insight into the work of governing in higher education, by giving voice to actors at various levels and positions including the ministry, national agency and University employees. Central themes include the influence of European policy, changing system designs, media relations and quality assurance enactments in University institutions. The book also explores the ways in which an emerging professional cadre, labelled qualocrats, enacts and mediates evaluation and quality assurance policy and practice.

Subject: Education / Assessment, Testing and Evaluation / Educational Policy and Politics / Sociology of Education / Administration, Organization and Leadership / Higher education governance / Quality and assurance reforms / Swedish higher education / European Higher Education Area / National evaluation systems / Education policy and practice / Quality assurance in higher education / ENQA / Framing of evaluation results / Governing by evaluation / Performing evaluation and quality assurance / Higher education policy / Higher education reform / Evaluation in higher education / Governing by evaluation / ENQA / Media and higher education