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The Future of Election Administration

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-18541-1

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This book is designed to be a companion piece to The Future of Election Administration, which surveys these critical dimensions of elections from the perspectives of the most forward-thinking practitioner, policy, advocacy, and research experts and leaders in these areas today. Drawing upon principles of professionalism and the practical work that is required to administer elections as part of the complex systems, this book lifts up the voices and experiences of practitioners from around the country to describe, analyze, and anticipate the key areas of election administration systems on which students, researchers, advocates, policy makers, and practitioners should focus. Together, this books add to the emerging body of literature that is part of the election sciences community with an emphasis on the practical aspects of administration.

Subject: Economics and Finance, Public Administration, Governance and Government, Election Administration, Voter Access, Board of Elections, Poll Sites, Voter Registration, Voter Turnout, National Association of Election Directors, Election Center, Voting System Guidelines, Language Advocacy Organizations, federal language requirements, mail voting, Help America Vote Act, redistricting, precinting, Electronic Registration Information Center, Election Administration and Voting Survey, Geographic Information Systems, INEC, Electoral Politics