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The Everyday Life of an Algorithm

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-00578-8

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This book begins with an algorithm–a set of IF…THEN rules used in the development of a new, ethical, video surveillance architecture for transport hubs. Readers are invited to follow the algorithm over three years, charting its everyday life. Questions of ethics, transparency, accountability and market value must be grasped by the algorithm in a series of ever more demanding forms of experimentation. Here the algorithm must prove its ability to get a grip on everyday life if it is to become an ordinary feature of the settings where it is being put to work. Through investigating the everyday life of the algorithm, the book opens a conversation with existing social science research that tends to focus on the power and opacity of algorithms. In this book we have unique access to the algorithm’s design, development and testing, but can also bear witness to its fragility and dependency on others.

Subject: Social Sciences, Culture and Technology, Computers and Society, Data Structures and Information Theory, Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages, Science and Technology Studies, STS, Algorithm, Online Behavior, Online Search Activities, Internet Activities, Digital Space, Algorithmic Effects, Software, Hardware, Big Data, Accountability, Openness, Transparency, Computer Science, Calculations