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The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-92798-5

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This volume shares new data relating to Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA), with emphasis on experiences in Eastern and Southern Africa. The material is assembled to answer key questions on the following five topic areas: Climate impacts: What are the most significant current and near future climate risks undermining smallholder livelihoods?, Varieties: How can climate-smart varieties be delivered quickly and cost-effectively to smallholders?, Farm management: What are key lessons on the contributions from soil and water management to climate risk reduction and how should interventions be prioritized?, Value chains: How can climate risks to supply and value chains be reduced? and Scaling up: How can most promising climate risks reduction strategies be quickly scaled up and what are critical success factors?

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science / Environmental Management / Agriculture / Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) / Value chains / Farm management / Upscaling agriculture / Climate change adaptation / Agroforestry / Conservation agriculture / Food security / Environmental policy / Drought resilient agriculture / Sustainable agriculture / Resilient farming / Climate risk reduction / Climate Change / Soil Science and Conservation / Environmental / Law, Policy, Ecojustice