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The Change Laboratory for Teacher Training in Entrepreneurship Education

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-02571-7

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This book illustrates a new type of formative intervention for in-service teacher training in entrepreneurship education. The book describes a Change Laboratory and shows how teachers and workshop assistants develop the idea of a multidisciplinary project entailing the design of a self-service and parking lot in a dismissed area close to the city centre. The multidisciplinary project is taken as example of how an idea is debated and turned into collective action and change, the very essence of initiative and entrepreneurship. The Change Laboratory thus increases the participation of students, teachers and stakeholders in the school towards a new curriculum through the implementation of a multidisciplinary project connecting school with the world outside and working life.

Subject: Education, Professional & Vocational Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Teacher Training, Career Skills, Life Skills, Curriculum Studies, Change Laboratory, Activity Theory, Expansive Learning, Entrepreneurship Education, Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship, Key Competence, Competence Development, Thick Description, Qualitative Research Mathods, Open Source, Lifelong Learning, Multidisciplary Project, Skills Agenda