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Textbook of Cardiorenal Medicine

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-57460-4

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This textbook provides a practical and board-driven resource to describe and define the emerging field of cardiorenal medicine. Covering all aspects of the topic with depth and relevance, this groundbreaking reference brings together experts at the nexus between cardiovascular and renal medicine to provide an exception reference to educate in this critical area of modern medicine. It describes how the heart and kidneys are inextricably linked via hemodynamic, neural, hormonal and cellular signaling systems and, concentrating on disease-based coverage, goes on to review emerging concepts in epidemiology, pathogenesis, screening, diagnosis and the management of cardiorenal syndromes, all extensively illustrated and containing features to support scholarship in the field.

Subject: Medicine, Cardiology, Nephrology, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, acute kidney injury, heart failure, renal replacement therapy, critical care, cardiorenal syndromes