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Temporal Bone Imaging Made Easy

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-70635-7

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This book presents standard imaging techniques, basic anatomy and an approach to common pathology encountered in temporal bone imaging. Intended as a survival guide for residents and general radiologists, it covers all topics comprehensively, and provides intuitive point-by-point summaries, similar to those of popular radiology reference sites, for easy comprehension at a glance.

Subject: Medicine / Imaging / Radiology / Head and Neck Surgery / Temporal bone Imaging / Imaging of the Middle ear cleft / Imaging of the Petrous bone / Hearing loss / Tinnitus / Otology / Audiology / Ear, Nose & Throat / ENT / Head & Neck Radiology / Neuroradiology / Imaging of the external ear / Imaging of the middle ear / Imaging of the inner ear / Temporal Bone Imaging Made Easy / head and neck surgery