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Sonic Skills : Listening for Knowledge in Science, Medicine and Engineering (1920s-Present)

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-137-59829-5

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This book explains why, indeed, listening for knowledge plays an ambiguous, if fascinating, role in the sciences. For what purposes have scientists, engineers and physicians listened to the objects of their interest? How did they listen exactly? And why has listening often been contested as a legitimate form of access to scientific knowledge? This concise monograph combines historical and ethnographic evidence about the practices of listening on shop floors, in laboratories, field stations, hospitals, and conference halls,It shows how scientists have used sonic skills—skills required for making, recording, storing, retrieving, and listening to sound—in ensembles: sets of instruments and techniques for particular situations of knowledge making.

Subject: Engineering, Sonic Skills, Listening for Knowledge, Sonic Signs, Modes of Listening, Epistemological Contestation, Versatility of Digital Technologies, Somatic Vigilance, Synchronization, Ensembles of Sonic Skills, Science Dynamics, Engineering Acoustics, History of Technology