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Regional and Local Development in Times of Polarisation

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-981-13-1190-1

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This volume contributes to the debates about polarisation and regional development by focussing on questions of spatial justice, power distribution and policy transfer. Theoretical and empirically grounded contributions show that European policies are indeed reproducing socio-spatial inequalities instead of challenging them. The book shows further the existing potentials and limits of individuals, economic, political and civil society actors to respond to polarisation on the regional and local level. In this book conceptual thoughts on polarisation, regional policy and regional development are combined with empirical research and resulting implications for policymaking.

Subject: Social Sciences, peripheralization, spatial planning, European studies, regional development, socio-spatial polarisation, regional policy, spatial studies, spatial development, Human Geography, Urban Studies, Sociology, Regional and Cultural Studies, European Politics