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Reading Breath in Literature

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-99948-7

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This book presents five different approaches to reading breath in literature, in response to texts from a range of historical, geographical and cultural environments. Breath, for all its ubiquity in literary texts, has received little attention as a transhistorical literary device. Drawing together scholars of Medieval Romance, Early Modern Drama, Fin de Siècle Aesthetics, American Poetics and the Postcolonial Novel, this book offers the first transhistorical study of breath in literature. At the same time, it shows how the study of breath in literature can contribute to recent developments in the Medical Humanities.

Subject: Literature, Cultural and Media Studies / Fiction / Drama / Poetry and Poetics / Literary Theory / Medical humanities / Breathing / Medieval / Early Modern / Victorian / Postcolonial / Shakespeare / Salman Rushdie / Chaucer