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Pyomo — Optimization Modeling in Python

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-68928-5

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This book is Using many examples to illustrate the different techniques useful for formulating models, this text beautifully elucidates the breadth of modeling capabilities that are supported by Pyomo and its handling of complex real-world applications. In the third edition, much of the material has been reorganized, new examples have been added, and a new chapter has been added describing how modelers can improve the performance of their models. The authors have also modified their recommended method for importing Pyomo. A big change in this edition is the emphasis of concrete models, which provide fewer restrictions on the specification and use of Pyomo models.

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics / Optimization / Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis / Mathematical Applications in Computer Science / Mathematical Software / Operations Research, Management Science / Pyomo modeling library / Python optimization / modeling and simulation / mathematical modeling tool / algebraic modeling languages / Python script / Python data / hybrid optimization / Matplotlib / NumPy / SciPy / PySP / Pyomo tutorial