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Play-Responsive Teaching in Early Childhood Education

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-15958-0

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This open access book develops a theoretical concept of teaching that is relevant to early childhood education, and based on children’s learning and development through play. It discusses theoretical premises and research on playing and learning, and proposes the development of play-responsive didaktik. It examines the processes and products of learning and development, teaching and its phylogenetic and ontogenetic development, as well as the ‘what’ of learning and didaktik. Next, it explores the actions, objects and meaning of play and provides insight into the diversity of beliefs about the practices of play. The book presents ideas on how combined research and development projects can be carried out, providing incentive and a model for practice development and research. The second part of the book consists of empirical studies on teacher’s playing skills and examples of play with very young as well as older children.

Subject: Education / developing play-responsive didaktik / playing, playworlds, and early childhood education / teachers' playing skills / teachers participating in children's play / folktales providing frameworks for playing / narrative play frame for mutual problem solving / Teaching and Teacher Education / Educational Psychology / Child and School Psychology / Infancy and Early Childhood Development / Language Teaching