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Nature-Based Flood Risk Management on Private Land

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-23842-1

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This book addresses the various disciplinary aspects of nature-based solutions in flood risk management on private land. In recent decades, water management has been moving towards nature-based solutions. These are assumed to be much more multi-purpose than traditional “grey infrastructures” and seem to be regarded as a panacea for many environmental issues. At the same time, such measures require more – and mostly privately owned – land and more diverse stakeholder involvement than traditional (grey) engineering approaches. They also present challenges related to different disciplines. Nature-based solutions for flood risk management not only require technical expertise, but also call for interdisciplinary insights from land-use planning, economics, property rights, sociology, landscape planning, ecology, hydrology, agriculture and other disciplines to address the challenges of implementing them. Ultimately, nature-based flood risk management is a multi-disciplinary endeavor.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science / Natural Hazards / Landscape, Regional and Urban Planning / Flood Risk Management / Property Rights / Land Policy / Water Management / Nature-based Solutions / Climate Change / Environmental Management / Water Policy, Water / Governance, Water Management