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Models, Methods and Tools for Product Service Design

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-95849-1

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This book summarizes research being pursued within the Manutelligence project, the goal of which is to help enterprises develop smart, social and flexible products with high value added services. Manutelligence has improved Product and Service Design by developing suitable models and methods, and connecting them through a modular, collaborative and secure ICT Platform. The use of real data collected in real time by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies underpins the design of product-service systems and makes it possible to monitor them throughout their life cycle. Available data allows costs and sustainability issues to be more accurately measured and simulated in the form of Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Analysing data from IoT systems and sharing LCC and LCA information via the ICT Platform can help to accelerate the design of product-service systems, reduce costs and better understand customer needs. Industrial partners involved in Manutelligence provide a clear overview of the project's outcomes, and demonstrate how its technological solutions can be used to improve the design of product-service systems and the management of product-service life cycles.

Subject: Engineering / Product Service System / Internet of Things / Product Life Cycle Management / Service Lifecycle Management / Life Cycle Assessment / Life Cycle Cost / Smart Product Design / Manufacturing Intelligence / Sustainable Manufacturing / Artificial Intelligence / Manufacturing, Machines, Tools, Processes / Computational Intelligence / Services