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Modelling in Mathematical Programming

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-57250-1

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This book provides basic tools for learning how to model in mathematical programming, from models without much complexity to complex system models. It presents a unique methodology for the building of an integral mathematical model, as well as new techniques that help build under own criteria. It allows readers to structure models from the elements and variables to the constraints, a basic modelling guide for any system with a new scheme of variables, a classification of constraints and also a set of rules to model specifications stated as logical propositions, helping to better understand models already existing in the literature. It also presents the modelling of all possible objectives that may arise in optimization problems regarding the variables values. The book is structured to guide the reader in an orderly manner, learning of the components that the methodology establishes in an optimization problem. The system includes the elements, which are all the actors that participate in the system, decision activities that occur in the system, calculations based on the decision activities, specifications such as regulations, impositions or actions of defined value and objective criterion, which guides the resolution of the system.

Subject: Business and Management / Operations Research / Decision Theory / Operations Research, Management Science / Mathematical programming / Model Building / Decision variables / Constraints / Logical propositions / Optimization