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Microcirculation in Cardiovascular Diseases

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-3-030-47801-8

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This book offers an extensive review of the most recent data on the pathophysiological role of structural and functional alterations in the microcirculation, particularly focusing on hypertension and diabetes. It covers several relevant and innovative aspects, including the possible mechanisms involved in the development of microvascular remodeling and rarefaction, the technical approaches available for the detection of microvascular alterations, including non-invasive evaluations, the prognostic role of changes in small resistance artery structure, the possibility of preventing or regressing such alterations with appropriate treatment, and the potential clinical advantages of such intervention.

Subject: Medicine, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Biology, Geriatric Care, Ophthalmology, Pharmacotherapy, Small vessels, Resistance vasculature, Remodeling, Rarefaction, diabetes