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Meaning-Making for Living

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-19926-5

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This Brief analyzes the dynamics in which children’s selves emerge through their everyday activities of meaning construction, both in their relationships with family and within school education. It begins with a discussion of new psychological inquiries into children's selves and builds upon the innovative theoretical notion of the Presentational Self, developed by the author over the last decade. The book illustrates how the observation of children’s meaning construction in their everyday lives becomes a starting point for theoretical and empirical inquiries into child development and gives a framework that promotes new inquiries in this area. The book describes the Presentational Self Theory as a sense of how the notion of the Self is being worked upon in everyday life encounters. Chapters feature in-depth analyses of exchanges between adults and children in the Japanese cultural context.

Subject: Behavioral Science and Psychology / Cognitive Psychology / Developmental Psychology / Self and Identity / Educational Psychology / Cross Cultural Psychology / Psychological Methods, Evaluation / Self / Meaning Construction / Dialogue / Qualitative Methods / Semiotic Approach / Gestalt Quality / Children / Conversation Analysis / Positioning / Kindergarten / Elementary School Education / Diary Writing / Educational History / Reunion / Dialectics / Visability / Sameness