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Marine Carbon Biogeochemistry

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-10822-9

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This book discusses biogeochemical processes relevant to carbon and aims to provide with insight into the functioning of marine ecosystems. A carbon centric approach has been adopted, but other elements are included where relevant or needed. The book focuses on concepts and quantitative understanding of primary production, organic matter mineralization and sediment biogeochemistry. The impact of biogeochemical processes on inorganic carbon dynamics and organic matter transformation are also discussed.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science, Biogeosciences, Oceanography, Geochemistry, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Ecosystems, Primary production, Mineralization, Carbon Cycle, Models, Sediment, Ocean, Organic Carbon, Inorganic Carbon, Biogeochemical Processes, Inorganic Carbon Dynamics