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Managed Software Evolution

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-13499-0

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This open access book presents the outcomes of the “Design for Future – Managed Software Evolution” .The different lifecycles of software and hardware platforms lead to interoperability problems in such systems. Instead of separating the development, adaptation and evolution of software and its platforms, as well as aspects like operation, monitoring and maintenance, they should all be integrated into one overarching process. Accordingly, the book is split into three major parts, the first of which includes an introduction to the nature of software evolution, followed by an overview of the specific challenges and a general introduction to the case studies used in the project. The second part of the book consists of the main chapters on knowledge carrying software, and cover tacit knowledge in software evolution, continuous design decision support, model-based round-trip engineering for software product lines, performance analysis strategies, maintaining security in software evolution, learning from evolution for evolution, and formal verification of evolutionary changes. In turn, the last part of the book presents key findings and spin-offs. The individual chapters there describe various case studies, along with their benefits, deliverables and the respective lessons learned. An overview of future research topics rounds out the coverage.

Subject: Computer Science, Software Evolution, Software Engineering, Software Development, Software Product Lines, Software Maintenance, Model-Driven Software Management, Software Versioning, Formal Methods, Management of Computing and Information Systems, Theory of Computation