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Lines of Inquiry in Mathematical Modelling Research in Education

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-14931-4

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The book addresses the “balancing act” between developing students’ modelling skills on the one hand, and using modelling to help them learn mathematics on the other, which arises from the integration of modelling into classrooms. In addition the book highlights professional learning and development for in-service teachers, particularly in systems where the introduction of modelling into curricula means reassessing how mathematics is taught.

Subject: Education, Pedagogical issues of integration into classroom practice, assessment of modelling competencies, teachers as learners of mathematical modelling, technological influences on modelling education, managing group interactions in modelling, mathematical model, modelling problems, heuristic strategies, teaching mathematical modelling, modelling competencies, learning mathematics modelling, interpretations modelling, pedagogical practice and research, modelling perspective, teaching practices in mathematical modelling, Mathematics Education, Learning & Instruction, Teaching and Teacher Education