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Housing Estates in the Baltic Countries

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-23392-1

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This book focuses on the formation and later socio-spatial trajectories of large housing estates in the Baltic countries—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It also explores claims that a distinctly “westward-looking orientation” in their design produced housing estates that were superior in design to those produced elsewhere in the Soviet Union. The first two parts of the book provide contextual material to help readers understand the vision behind housing estates in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. These sections present the background of housing estates in the Baltic Republics as well as challenges and debates concerning their formation, evolution, and present condition and importance.

Subject: Earth and Environmental Science / Urban Geography / Urbanism (inc. megacities, cities, towns) / Human Geography / European Economics / Demography / Urban Studies / Sociology / Geography of Large Housing Estates / Urban Unrest / Socio-Economic Segregation / Social Problems and Housing / Planning Interventions / Urban Population Inequalities