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Health and Wellbeing in Late Life

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-981-13-8938-2

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This book takes a multidisciplinary approach to provide a holistic understanding of late old age, and situates the aged person within the context of family, caregivers, clinical and other institutions. The book highlights inevitable but mostly neglected health issues like depression, dementia, fall, and frailty and provides detailed analyses of solutions that are practicable in low resource settings. It also brings up intergenerational differences and harmony in the context of holistic care of older Indians.

Subject: Medicine, meaningful engagement in late old age, dependency and frailty, caregiver support, intergenerational interaction, hip fracture in old age, end-of-life decisions, life support, successful aging, depression and suicide in old age, Geriatrics, Gerontology, Aging, Health Psychology