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From Assessing to Conserving Biodiversity

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-10991-2

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This book despite increasing communication, accelerating policy and management responses, and notwithstanding improving ecosystem assessment and endangered species knowledge, conserving biodiversity continues to be more a concern than an accomplished task. Why is it so? The overexploitation of natural resources by our species is a frequently recognised factor, while the short-term economic interests of governments and stakeholders typically clash with the burdens that implementing conservation actions imply. But this is not the whole story. This book develops a different perspective on the problem by exploring the conceptual challenges and practical defiance posed by conserving biodiversity, namely: on the one hand, the difficulties in defining what biodiversity is and characterizing that “thing” to which the word ‘biodiversity’ refers to; on the other hand, the reasons why assessing biodiversity and putting in place effective conservation actions is arduous.

Subject: Religion and Philosophy, Biodiversity Conservation Policies, Biodiversity Definition, Biodiversity Levels, Biodiversity Representations, Biodiversity Units, Biological Integrity, Cryptic Species, Descriptive vs. Normative, Disparity and Biodiversity, Ecological Functions, Ecosystem Services, Estimating Biodiversity, Estimating Biodiversity, Ipbes, Natural History Museums and Biodiversity, Natural vs. Artificial, Philosophy of Biodiversity, Process-Based Approach to Biodiversity, Species-Based Approach to Biodiversity, Geoecology, Natural Processes, Ecosystems