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Exploring Resilience : A Scientific Journey from Practice to Theory

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-03189-3

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Resilience has become an important topic on the safety research agenda and in organizational practice. Most empirical work on resilience has been descriptive, identifying characteristics of work and organizing activity which allow organizations to cope with unexpected situations. Fewer studies have developed testable models and theories that can be used to support interventions aiming to increase resilience and improve safety. In addition, the absent integration of different system levels from individuals, teams, organizations, regulatory bodies, and policy level in theory and practice imply that mechanisms through which resilience is linked across complex systems are not yet well understood. Scientific efforts have been made to develop constructs and models that present relationships; however, these cannot be characterized as sufficient for theory building. There is a need for taking a broader look at resilience practices as a foundation for developing a theoretical framework that can help improve safety in complex systems.

Subject: Engineering / Reslience engineering / Resilient organizations / Safety research / Operationalization of resilience / resilience framework / FonCSI / Foundation for an Industrial Safety Culture / Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk / Health Economics / Environmental Management / Health Informatics / Organization / Health Care Management