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Energy Demand Challenges in Europe

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-20339-9

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This book examines the role of citizens in sustainable energy transitions across Europe. It explores energy problem framing, policy approaches and practical responses to the challenge of securing clean, affordable and sustainable energy for all citizens, focusing on households as the main unit of analysis. The book revolves around ten contributions that each summarise national trends, socio-material characteristics, and policy responses to contemporary energy issues affecting householders in different countries, and provides good practice examples for designing and implementing sustainable energy initiatives. Prominent concerns include reducing carbon emissions, energy poverty, sustainable consumption, governance, practices, innovations and sustainable lifestyles.

Subject: Social Sciences / Environment Studies / Energy Policy, Economics and Management /Sustainable Development / Development and Sustainability / energy consumption / energy behaviour / energy demand / energy-related practice cultures / energy infrastructure / Horizon 2020 / ENERGISE / sustainable consumption / energy transition / Danish energy system / residential carbon emissions / ‘BedZed’ / sustainable energy / energy poverty / community energy projects / renewable energy