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Dissonant Heritages and Memories in Contemporary Europe

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-11464-0

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This book discusses political, economic, social, and humanitarian challenges that influence both how people deal with their past and how they build their identities in contemporary Europe. Ongoing debates on migration, on local, national, inter- and transnational levels, prove that it is a divisive issue with regards to understanding European integration and identity. At the same time, the European Union increasingly invests in projects related to European heritage, museums, and cultural memory networks, while having to take dissonant heritages into account. These processes in their combination offer an interesting dynamic and form the complex puzzle that poses challenging questions for anyone involved in academic research, heritage practices, and policy debates. With this puzzle at its core, this book explicitly focuses on slippery and transforming notions of Europe and critically discusses ongoing and transforming power structures of heritage and memory in today’s Europe.

Subject: Literature, Cultural and Media Studies / European Culture / Cultural Policy and Politics / Cultural Heritage / Memory Studies / European Union Politics / heritage / memory / conflict / European Union / dissonance / consonance / politics / borders / mobility