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Development in Turbulent Times

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-11361-2

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This open access book explores the most recent trends in the EU in terms of development, progress, and performance.This book reflect upon the developmental challenges of the moment, such as sustainable development, reducing inequality, ensuring social cohesion, and driving the digital revolution. They particularly focus on the relation between the less-developed Eastern part of the EU and its more developed Western counterpart, and discuss the consequences of this development gap in detail. Lastly, the book presents a range of case studies from different areas of governance, such as economy and commerce, health services, education, migration and public opinion in order to investigate the trends most likely to impact the European Union's medium and long-term development.

Subject: Economics and Finance / European Integration / Economic Policy / Social Structure, Social Inequality / International Political Economy Globalization / Economic crisis / Economic development in the European Union / Economic and social inequality / Globalization and development / Measuring economic development and inquality / Central and Eastern Europe