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Complex Analysis with Applications to Number Theory

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-981-15-9097-9

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The book discusses major topics in complex analysis with applications to number theory.It 's including the theory of several finitely and infinitely complex variables, hyperbolic geometry, two- and three-manifolds, and number theory. In addition to solved examples and problems, the book covers most topics of current interest, such as Cauchy theorems, Picard’s theorems, Riemann–Zeta function, Dirichlet theorem, Gamma function, and harmonic functions.

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics, Analysis, Number Theory, Cauchy Theorem, Conformal Mappings, Riemann Mapping Theorem, Picard's Theorems, Gamma Function, Riemann Zeta Function, Dirichlet Series, Dirichlet Theorem, Harmonic Functions, Elliptic Functions