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Automorphic Forms and Even Unimodular Lattices

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-95891-0

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This book includes a self-contained approach of the general theory of quadratic forms and integral Euclidean lattices.It explains how the new advances in the Langlands program mentioned above pave the way for a solution. This study proves to be very rich, leading us to classical themes such as theta series, Siegel modular forms, the triality principle, L-functions and congruences between Galois representations.

Subject: Mathematics and Statistics, Number Theory, Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, automorphic forms, unimodular lattices, Kneser neighbors, Niemeier lattices, Arthur conjectures, classical groups, Galois representations, Langlands conjectures, L-functions, quadratic forms, Siegel modular forms, Theta series