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Architecture and the Novel under the Italian Fascist Regime

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-19428-4

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The book is divided into seven chapters, which in turn analyze the interconnections between the novel and architecture in theory and in practice. The first six chapters cover debates on State art, on the novel and on architecture, as well as their historical development and their unfolding in key journals of the period. The last chapter offers a detailed analysis of some important novels and buildings, which have in practice realized some of the key principles articulated in the theoretical disputes.

Subject: Literature, Cultural and Media Studies / European Culture / Cultural Heritage / Fine Arts / European Literature / Architectural History and Theory / Fascism and Architecture / Fascism and Literature / Italian Artistic System / Architecture and the Novel / Arts and European Dictatorships / Fascist State art / the Fascist period in Italy / arte di Stato / Giuseppe Bottai / new architecture and the national lovel / Italian Fascist Regime