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Advances in Psoriasis

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-3-030-54859-9

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Provides an up-to-date and highly informative textbook on psoriasis. The understanding of the mechanisms behind the disease and the available treatment options have continued to develop rapidly in recent times, with this vital resource covering the latest in these management options, including targeted T-cell therapy, the use of immunomodulators, systemic therapies, and ultraviolet and laser therapy. In addition, it provides a detailed overview of the pathophysiology, comorbidities, epidemiology and triggers of the disease.

Subject: Medicine, Dermatology, Pharmacotherapy, Immunology, Psoriasis, Ultraviolet Therapy, Pathophysiology, Topical Therapy, Comorbidities, Oral Therapeutics, Biologic Therapies