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Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-05843-2

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Presents detailed pathways to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050, globally and across ten geographical regions. Based on state-of-the-art scenario modelling, it provides the vital missing link between renewable energy targets and the measures needed to achieve them. Bringing together the latest research in climate science, renewable energy technology, employment and resource impacts, the book breaks new ground by covering all the elements essential to achieving the ambitious climate mitigation targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement. For example, sectoral implementation pathways, with special emphasis on differences between developed and developing countries and regional conditions, provide tools to implement the scenarios globally and domestically. Non-energy greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios define a sustainable pathway for land-use change and the agricultural sector. Furthermore, results of the impact of the scenarios on employment and mineral and resource requirements provide vital insight on economic and resource management implications.

Subject: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Climate Change Management and Policy, Sustainable Development, Natural Resource and Energy Economics, Climate Change Goals, Paris Agreement, 100% Renewable Energy, 1.5 C, Mitigation pathways, Energy transition, Renewable energy pathways, Renewable energy targets, GHG pathways for 1.5°C, Non-energy greenhouse gas mitigation, Climate change management