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Oral Rehabilitation for Compromised and Elderly Patients

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-319-76129-9

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This book is designed to help dentists in general practice to improve the results of prosthetic procedures in medically compromised and elderly patients. In particular, it critically scrutinizes various dogmas that govern practitioners’ approaches yet lack sound scientific support and often have an adverse effect on outcomes.

Subject: Dentistry, Complete dentures, Minimal intervention dentistry, Implant-supported overdentures, Treatment of edentulous patients, Dental caries, Geriatric dentistry, Influence of systemic disease and oral health, Physiologicchanges in Endodontics, Physiologic changes in Periodontology, Masticatory Function and Nutrition, TMJ disorders in the Elderly, Minimalistic approach for Conservative resotrations