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Dental Image Analysis for Disease Diagnosis

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-14136-3

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This book provides an overview of computational approaches to medical image examination and analysis in oral radiology utilizing dental radiograph to detect and diagnose dental caries in cases of decayed teeth. The book also presents a novel multiphase level set method for automatic segmentation of dental radiographs.

Subject: Dentistry, Active Contour Modelling, Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Dental Caries, Dental Image Analysis, Dental Imaging, Dental Radiology, Dental X-Ray, Dentistry, Dental Radiographs, Endodontic Treatment, Image Processing, Medical Image Processing, Morphological Image Processing, Periapical Disease, Radiology, Radiography, Region of Interest, Stomatology, Tooth Decay, X-ray imaging