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Les souffrances psychologiques des malades du cancer : Comment les reconnaître, comment les traiter? = The psychological suffering of cancer patients: How to recognize them, how to treat them?

Publication year: 2009

ISBN: 978-2-287-74947-6

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This book thus proposes, reconnecting with the most clinical and frankly psychodynamic vein, to bear witness to the encounter with the reality of cancerous disease and with all the imagination that it arouses. It is also a tribute to the sick - but just as much to their loved ones and their caregivers - who then engage in these territories of the crash, the unpredictable, where everything leads to think and do.

Subject: Medicine, DSM, Dépistage, Oncologie, Psychanalyse, Psycho-Oncologie, Psychologie, Psychose, Souffrance, diagnostics, Screening, Oncology, Psychoanalysis, Psycho-Oncology, Psychology, Psychosis, Suffering, diagnoses, Pain Medicine, Psychiatry