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Handbook Of Big Data Analytics ; Vol. 2: Applications in ICT, security and business analytics

Publication year: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-83953-060-9

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Big Data analytics is the complex process of examining big data to uncover information such as correlations, hidden patterns, trends and user and customer preferences, to allow organizations and businesses to make more informed decisions. These methods and technologies have become ubiquitous in all fields of science, engineering, business and management due to the rise of data-driven models as well as data engineering developments using parallel and distributed computational analytics frameworks, data and algorithm parallelization, and GPGPU programming. However, there remain potential issues that need to be addressed to enable big data processing and analytics in real time.

Subject: Computer science, Big Data analysis, Data engineering developments, Distributed computation, Data parallelization, Algorithm parallelization, GPGPU programming, Database management, Database processing frameworks, Database architectures, Data lakes, Data query optimization strategies, Real-time data processing, Data stream analytics, Fog computing, Edge computing, Artificial Intelligence, Software Define Networks (SDN), Internet of Things (IoTs), Trafic prediction, E-commerce data, Recommender systems, Big Data regression, Apache Spark, Visual sentiment analysis, Wavelet Neural Network, GPU, Stock market movement predictions, Financial reporting