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Ultrascale Computing Systems

Publication year: 2019

ISBN: 978-1-78561-834-5

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The needs of future digital data and computer systems are expected to be two to three orders of magnitude larger than for today's systems, to take account of unprecedented amounts of heterogeneous hardware, lines of source code, numbers of users, and volumes of data. Ultrascale computing systems (UCS) are a solution. Envisioned as large-scale complex systems joining parallel and distributed computing systems, which can be located at multiple sites and cooperate to provide the required resources and performance to the users, these technologies will extend individual systems to provide the resources that are very much needed.

Subject: Computer science, digital data, parallel computing systems, distributed computing systems, Ultrascale computing systems (UCS), Internet of Things, programming models, Computer architecture, Data centric programming models, Resilience, Energy-efficiency.