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Tensorial Analysis of Networks (TAN) Modelling for PCB Signal Integrity and EMC Analysis (Materials, Circuits and Devices)

Publication year: 2020

ISBN: 978-1-83953-050-0

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Describes a fast, accurate and flexible modelling methodology for PCBs. The model uses the concept of tensorial analysis of networks (TAN) based on Kron's and Kron-Branin's methods adapted for the EMC use by O. Maurice. The TAN approach is applied to the PCB SI and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis. Each chapter presents a methodology consisting of the problem formulation, classical circuit description, TAN primitive elements, TAN graph topology elaboration, problem metric mathematization and the posed-problem resolution based on Python and Matlab routine algorithms.

Subject: Electronics Engineering, Microelectronics, Printed circuits -- Design and construction, Materials, Circuits and Devices, Printed circuit board, TAN modelling,